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Montessori: Mechanical Reading Level 2 (Ages 4-9)


This 5 week Montessori language course is designed for children ages 4-9 and focuses on mechanical reading, a foundational skill for language acquisition. Through hands-on, experiential learning, children will develop a solid foundation in basic reading skills, while having fun and exploring the world of language. Each week, students will engage in a variety of Montessori-inspired activities and games that will help reinforce their understanding of phonetics, letter-sound correspondence, and basic reading skills. Students will use manipulatives, such as sandpaper letters and movable alphabets, to explore and discover the relationships between letters, sounds, and words. The course will also introduce students to basic grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Through fun and engaging activities, children will develop their language skills, including their ability to read and write, while having fun and learning about language. At the end of the 5 week course, students will have a solid foundation in mechanical reading and will be ready to move on to more advanced language concepts. The course is taught by experienced Montessori teachers and provides a supportive and nurturing learning environment for children to thrive in.

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