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Montessori Math Counting 0-100 Level 2 (Ages 3-6)


The Montessori 6-week course for counting 0-100 teaches children the concepts of addition and subtraction through a variety of hands-on materials and activities. By the end of the 6-week course, children will have a strong foundation in addition and subtraction, place value, and an understanding of the relationship between numerals and quantities. They will also have a solid understanding of the structure of the number system up to 100. This will lay the foundation for future mathematical understanding and further learning. Week add and subtract quantities. Children will have the opportunity to practice these skills by working with the bead stairs and manipulating the beads to represent different quantities. This course will also introduce the children to the idea of grouping and regrouping quantities, a key concept for future mathematical understanding. By the end of the lesson, children will have a solid foundation in place value and be able to perform simple addition and subtraction problems.

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