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The BWI IT Resource Center  Project 

Booker Washington Institute (BWI), in KakataMargibi CountyLiberia, is a major supplier of middle-level technicians for the ever-growing demand for a knowledgeable workforce has always endeavored to blend IT education with all of its training programs.

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The Need

Establish an Up-to-date IT resource center

As more and more young people continue to enroll at the institution in search of relevant and job-ready technical education, the need to expand training facility especially in the IT area has become compelling.

Goal and Objective

Set up a computer laboratory with at least 150 sets of computers and equipment.

The establishment of this laboratory will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the training programs offered at BWI. Specialized software and accessories will be provided for each department to enhance the proficiency of the students in their respective areas of study with an added advantage in basic IT education. 

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Expected Impact:

Quality, Resources and Expanded Network

It is expected that with the establishment of the BWI IT Resource Center, the quality of training at BWI will improve and be on par with those of similar training institutions in Liberia and the sub-region. Instructors will use the Center to gather training resources for quality instruction. It is hoped that the services provided by the Center will ensure that BWI achieves its vision of being the center of academic and vocational excellence.

How Can you help?

Your donation will assist with:

  • Upgrading the Facilities

    • Electrical

    • Tiling 

    • Painting 

    • System Drainage

    • Yard Work

    • Windows

    • Air Condition

  • 150 Computers​

  • Desk & Chairs

  • Stationary

  • Software

  • Technical System Wiring 

  • Workstation/Servers

  • And much more...

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