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Welcome to Building Green Blocks Montessori Academy!

Situated in the heart of Columbia, MD within the vibrant setting of Howard County, BGBMA is not just a school but a revolution in Montessori-based education. From the age of 18 months to 14 years, we offer a unique blend of traditional Montessori pedagogy with a special emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) to ensure our students are not just academically excellent, but future-ready.

What Makes BGB Montessori Academy Unique?

  • Innovative STEAM Montessori Curriculum: A fusion of Montessori methodology with STEAM components to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and analytical prowess.

  • Specialized STEAM Labs: Beyond the Montessori model, our institution boasts labs for robotics, coding, digital art, and environmental sciences.

  • Holistic Outdoor Spaces: Our students engage in hands-on learning with our botanical garden, weather station, and observatory.

  • Global Citizenship & Language Programs: Beyond curriculum, our students are exposed to world issues, global leadership, and a spectrum of languages, fostering true international awareness.

BGBMA Community:

The essence of BGBMA is its vibrant community.

  • Parents-as-Partners: Our approach involves parents in their child’s educational journey, recognizing the value of a unified educational front.

  • Collaboration with Howard County: Our alliance with local initiatives ensures that students receive the best resources and opportunities.

  • Local STEAM Entrepreneurs Engagement: Regular interactions with local experts offer students a practical perspective, bridging the gap between learning and real-world application.

Our Programs:

Our Programs:

  1. Toddler Program (18 months - 35 months): A foundation in early learning.

  2. Primary Program (3 - 6.5 years): Building blocks of core Montessori principles.

  3. Elementary Program (6 - 12 years): Diverse learning, from academics to real-world problem-solving.

  4. Adolescent Program (12 - 14 years): Preparing adolescents for their future endeavors.

Additional Offerings: Our holistic approach includes before care and aftercare programs, ensuring a complete day of enriched learning and care.

Vision & Mission of BGBMA:

Vision: To craft the leaders of the future, blending academic prowess with ethical wisdom.

Mission: To foster a thriving community of learners, blending Montessori and STEAM, nurturing students to explore, innovate, and effect positive global change.


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